Any disruption to shipping in Strait of Hormuz ‘will not be tolerated’: USA

American government warned Iran that any disturbance in oil trade way through Strait of Hormuz “will not be tolerated”. This statement came after the Iranian threat to block a vital oil-trade route Strait of Hormuz.

Iran would find it ‘really easy’ to close the world’s most important oil transit channel, the Strait of Hormuz at the Gulf’s entrance, but would not do so right now, Iran’s navy chief said Wednesday.

“Shutting the strait for Iran’s armed forces is really easy — or as we say (in Iran) easier than drinking a glass of water,” Iranian Navy Chief Admiral Habibollah Sayari said in an interview with Iran’s Press TV.

“But today, we don’t need (to shut) the strait because we have the Sea of Oman under control, and can control the transit,” he said.

Sayari was speaking a day after Iran’s vice president, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, threatened to close the strait if the West imposed more sanctions on Iran.