Asma Jahngir appealed SC to question DG ISI

ISLAMABAD: on Wednesday Asma Jehngir who is concealing former ambassador in US Hussain Haqqani regarding memo case asked Supreme Court to question DG ISI as why and when he met with Mansoor Ijaz.

Iftikhar Ahmad Chuhdary Chief Justice of Pakistan said that the Court is also looking forward for the details and real facts to bring to light.

She questioned the court to ask DG ISI why he hadn’t made Mansoor Ijaz to party when he went to lawsuit against the journalist of British newspaper.

During the hearing of memogate case at a point Ms. Asma Jahngir said to Chuahdry Iftikhar Chief Justice of Pakistan that you are holding the pen and has the right to make any judgment that is right to you. Regarding this point Justice Jawad Khawaja said that the Chief Justice pen was just to assure the supremacy of law and constitution.