Automotive accessories Show 2013

automotive showThe Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Add-ons Producers (PAAPAM) is holding Pakistan Auto Show 2013 in the Expo Center, Karachi, from Friday (today), that will showcase the accomplishments of Pakistan’s automotive industry and auto parts manufacturing industries. PAAPAM Chairman Munir Bana stated this exhibition will be a thoroughfare from the true engineering and manufacturing diversity of Pakistani companies, thus supplying a chance to forge new alliances and business endeavors. In Pakistan, the neighborhood industry assembles cars, motorcycles, trucks, and high automobiles for example trucks and buses, as well as hosts major original equipment producers (OEMs) for example Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Massey Ferguson. PAAPAM Vice Chairman Usman Malik further stated that Germany, using the collaboration of their government, supports the world’s biggest auto exhibition each year by which merely a dozen companies from Pakistan participated, while 100s of firms from your neighboring nations displayed their items within the show.