Ban on YouTube to go within few hours: Rehman Malik

rehamanmalik15Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday stated the federal government would lift a prohibit online within 24 hours, over three several weeks following the website was blocked to ensure that people couldn’t access clips from an anti-Islam film, reported a personal TV channel.

Malik introduced the government’s intend to lift the prohibit online and Twitter on Friday evening.

PTA is finalizing discussions for obtaining effective firewall software to fully block pornographic and blasphemous material, he stated. Pm Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has been on mid-September directed authorities YouTube for hosting ‘blasphemous material’, including clips in the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

The film triggered violent protests by right wing groups across Pakistan and also the government itself approved each day of protests on September 21, that was observed as ‘Love the Prophet Day’.

Twenty-three persons were wiped out and property worth vast amounts of rupees was destroyed throughout these protests.