Budget is 18% not 70%-COAS

RAWALPINDI: on Monday COAS (Chief of Army Staff) general Ashiq Pervaiz Kiyyani said that the allocation of defence budget is only and only 18% and not that of 70% as mentioned and believed by majority.

Kiyanni expressed that out of the 18% only 8-9 percent of the funds sweep to sentinel of boarders and is an issue of serious concern.

COAS also clear the picture that Pakistan will heal up ties with NATO and America.

Air chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman at Jacobabad Airbase told media that Prime Minister Gillani informed him that parliament in the next line of action give decision regarding NATO and whatever will be the decision are the final words.

In tribal belt operation General Kiyyani said that army made its full efforts to make use of fewer forces in that area.

Rao Qamar on the occasion said that nothing is installed in US f-16s that could halt it from using jets against American warplanes.

Shahbaz air base is in total control of Pakistan Air chief added.