Car bomb blast killed 9

QUETTA: on Friday a car bomb blast took life of 9 people and leaving 21 injured including children here.

The incident happened in the residential area and set many houses on fire in the neighborhood.

According to the close sources Naseer Mengal former federal Minister’s son Shafiq Mengal house on Arbab Karim Khan Road nearby Raisani Chowk was the target.

Security was alert in the area of blast and the bang was heard in far places. It was a high intensity blast that most of the windowpanes in the nearby housing sectors and market fell apart causing damage.

The senior police officer while talking to media showed fear for rise in death count.

VBIE (Borne Improvised Explosive Device) was planted within the car which was parked in nearby area.

Ambulances are taking wounded peoples from the incident spot to hospitals.

Fire brigades reached on the spot and are busy in fighting fire to avoid further loss.

Resources informed that two of the wounds are in critical situation.

After the blast a shootout between police and gunmen was also observed. Some armed men who were present there already opened fire at police and media arrived at the spot. Eyewitnesses said

One gunman also pushed the private TV channel reporter and broke his camera. Bullets wounds were also received by news agency photographer. Sources added

The area is in complete security and investigation is on its way to find the details and aim behind the entire incident.