Ch. Nisar Condemns over Quetta killings

ch-nisar-condemns-quetta-killings-1358024130-8517Leader from the Opposition and PML-N leader, Ch Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday strongly condemned the killing of innocent individuals in Quetta.He stated that there could be no such example of terrorism and barbarism. He stated that we fully share the sorrow from the victim families of this tragic incident and condemned such open injustice. He stated the indifference of Federal and Balochistan government authorities over this tragic incident was highly condemn-able who didn’t even bother to go to the site and pay attention to the protestors but left them subject to the problem. Ch Nisar Ali Khan stated that PML-N would table an idea in National Assembly within the incident and demand the government to reveal the hidden hands behind this terrible crime and take action who involved in it. He stated that media-men were also killed due to terrorism in Quetta and required that authorities would need to adopt a highly effective policy for eliminating such occurrences and make sure protection of life and property of the citizens at any cost.