CJ’s to arrest PM is appreciate able-PEW

MEETING-480x238The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Wednesday famous the Top Court for giving arrest orders of Pm Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and the aides for corruption within the infamous rental energy scam. PEW Leader Dr Murtaza Mughal stated that “the Intervention of the Apex court was celebrated by masses across the country which amounts to no confidence on the incompetent government”. The unpredicted order came amongst the continuing lengthy march where the countrymen are protesting against mismanagement from the political parties. Mughal stated the “government has lost all right to rule due to massive corruption and engineered energy crisis to plunder the country’s wealth resulting in increased terrorism, heightened poverty, and a collapsing economy”. He added that the probe in to the workings of “Canadian energy don” in Pakistan would reveal unthinkable corruption. He stated that Dr Asim Hussain ought to be put on ECl for engineering and artificial gas crisis and generating billions as kick backs from not needed energy reviews. Mughal came to the conclusion “the incumbent government belongs to the issue, they not attempting to save democracy as stated to trick public they are attempting to hide their corruption.