Current Rains-positive impact on Rabbi Crops

sabeenn-barish-rain-in-lahore.jpgChief Agriculture Policy Development Institute (API), Abdul Rauf Chaudhry stated that current spell of rains brings positive effect on wheat crop as it’s time to water the fields since the wheat crops have began growing.He stated that wheat-planting position was quite encouraging as in comparison towards the last year’s planting due to early and timely rain throughout the beginning of the Rabbi crop season October and November.However, he stated that final planting figures could be received through the area formations through the second week of the month of January 2013.He stated that wheat planting also offers got momentum and maqui farmers were urged cultivate more wheat because of government decision for improving wheat support cost from Rs1050 per 40 kg to Rs1200 per 40 kg.The API mind further informed that sufficient accessibility to other inputs like manure, water for irrigation and seed products as in comparison towards the past year will even assistance to enhance area under wheat planting.

Abdul Rauf stated that recent spell of rains could be advantageous for other minor crops including fruit, veggies and pulses grown on the huge area in the United States.