Delay in Election would be dangerous for Pakistan-Shahbaz

shahbaz-SHARIF-7-480x238Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday scoffed in the sudden comeback of expatriates with demands in regards to a revolution as well as an end to corruption. Speaking to Pakistan Muslim League – Likeminded senior leader Atta Maneka, the main minister stated the entire nation was conscious of the identity of imported elements who have been absent in occasions of crisis but had made an appearance once the country was facing general elections.

In addition, the main minister stressed on the requirement for individuals to recognize individuals who had elevated fake slogans, adding the imported elements had the agenda of chaos and sabotage. Shahbaz stated that nobody had the courage or way to stop general elections and added that any delay could be “dangerous” for that country. He stated that Tahirul Qadri’s lengthy march would be a drama passed to postpone general elections. The main minister further stated the country what food was in a juncture where it wouldn’t have the ability to withstand anymore chaos.