Democracy permitted to be prospered

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Minister for Irrigation Syed Ahmad Hussain Shah stated on Thursday that democracy won’t ever mature when we start searching for options each time it doesn’t seem to be working perfectly.Speaking to the sources, Shah stated that Britain supports democracy in Pakistan and would greatly want to see the democratic process succeed in the country, adding that regrettably we can’t stick to the right track that may bring us to peace and tranquility.He stated the condition stands in an important crossroads where it features a huge chance in which a democratically chosen government can spread energy to a different democratically chosen government. Shah stated that democracy wasn’t simple and easy, it required Britain 100s of years to master the entire process of parliamentary democracy.”And if you see the constitutional reforms in mother land, the strength of the media, the appointment of an independent election commissioner, then this is a moment of maturity with the democratic process, and the countrymen must not allow this moment to slip away.”The minister stated Britain works with whomever Pakistan decides as leader or pm. He stated that the conspiracy was hatched from the ruling PPP government who sacrificed its leaders for that restoration of democracy in the country. He stated it had been an obligation of each and every citizen to safeguard the democratic setup in the country. He stated that dictatorial routines had destroyed the economy of the nation coupled with sabotaged the hopes for its people.