Democratic system requires everyone to play an important role in strengthening democracy-Shehla

20121dfdfe019_33Deputy speaker of Sindh Set up, Shehla Raza had stated that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has strongly supported continuation from the democratic system, which requires everybody to experience a due role in strengthening democracy. Speaking to Pakistan Television channel, Shehla stated that PPP democratic government has adopted a policy of reconciliation to see with all of political stakeholder on national issues. She stated the PPP wouldn’t allow anybody to derail the democratic system as it absolutely was restored after numerous sacrifices. Responding to some question, she stated that government is fully committed to guarantee the transparency in coming elections. She added that under the independent Election Commission(EC) none be interfere in coming election to make sure transparency in it. Shehla stated some elements have been attempting to create confusion because the nation was planning for general elections. Responding to a different question, she stated the Presidency was really a cause of conspiracies against democracy previously but Leader Zardari increased democracy by relinquishing all forces towards the Parliament. She stated that provinces ought to be forms based on the aspiration from the peoples belong from all of these regions.