Doctors are not allowed to go for strikes

A doctorDuring the case hearing, a legal court observed that doctors couldn’t be permitted to take strike because denial from treatment was breach of Article 9 from the metabolic rate. The counsel, in the petition, posted that watching of strikes at the expense of patients’ lives was criminal negligence that does not only demonstrated ineffectiveness but was prone to be treated cellular Section 300 PPC, read with Section 302 from the PPC. The counsel posted the Punjab government had placed the expertise of doctors in essential services as provided within the Punjab Essential Services (Maintenance) Act, 1958, therefore, the doctors and government were certain to facilitate patients with no hurdle. The counsel also stated the Supreme Court had also restrained the young doctors from watching strikes however they never obeyed an order. He asked for a legal court to problem directions towards the PMDC along with other regulating bodies of doctors to consider strict punitive action, including cancellation of involving licenses, of protesting doctors.