Dr Chishti reached the destination, Pakistan


Dr Khalil Chishti has reached Pakistan after spending 20 years in Indian jail. Chishti, an 80-year-old Pakistani virologist who has spent at least 20 years at a prison in Ajmer, has reached Pakistan. The Indian Supreme Court had permitted Dr Chishti to visit Pakistan during the pendency of his appeal against his conviction in a murder case and life imprisonment. Earlier, talking to media at Jaipur railway station, Chishti said, “I am happy that I am going to my home land to meet my family and friends. I would like to offer thanks giving prayer as soon as I reach airport and thereafter I will go to my home.” Dr Chisti said that he would also go to Lahore to meet Sarabjit Singh, the Indian national facing death sentence on charges of involvement in bomb blasts in Pakistan. “When I am in Pakistan, I would like to visit the whole of the country. I would like to go to Lahore and meet Sarabjit Singh,” he said.