Dream of having own home will be fulfilled for poors-PML-N

444223-pmln-1348893764-290-640x480Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has stated the Pakistan Muslim League-N government is fulfilling the imagine poor people of getting their very own house, by providing proprietary privileges towards the residents of Katchi Abadies through the province. He stated Punjab government has had a historic and revolutionary step by granting proprietary privileges towards the citizens of Katchi Abadies. He informed that the entire process of distribution of proprietary certificates would soon be started one of the citizens of Katchi Abadies. He stated proprietary privileges in excess of three lakhs residential models in urban and rural Katchi Abadies are now being granted within the province and also over 22 lakh persons would take advantage of this revolutionary step taken by Punjab government. He stated, underneath the new policy from the provincial government, couple, both, might have collective proprietary privileges and, the very first time within the history, ladies have occurred equal partner in possession. He stated, under this plan, proprietary privileges, worth over 35 1000 acre land, could be granted towards the deserving persons. He stated poor people would obtain due privileges under this method, who won’t get proprietary right but development works would be also carried out to be able to provide them best social amenities.