Fare is elevated due to unavailability of CNG

cng-line-ap-670ISLAMABAD – Private transporters took undue benefit of the unavailability of CNG by growing costs on local routes with no notification. These transporters are also breaking their designated routes to mint extra money from people need to travel in mini-vans. Individuals who travel from Rawalpindi towards the secretariat need to change automobiles thrice since people in the nearest stop are permitted to board automobiles. Long queues may also be seen at bus stops throughout working hours.Asma, a passenger awaiting a van at Aabpara bus stop, stated only front seats are for sale to women so they need to wait longer to obtain seats. Mukhtar Hussain, a passenger, stated people are packed into vans that frequently dropped them midway to operate which further increases their problems. Transporters happen to be overcharging when needed because of the non-accessibility to CNG. Rehmat Ali, trains and buses driver stated that We have attempted to help keep local transportation fare to a minimum, but it is impossible as Gas has been offered at exorbitant rates.