Fire broke out in Plaza-Lahore

Lahore-building-fireA fire broke out in a plaza on Abbot road near Lahore’s Lakshmi chowk in early hours of Sunday killing six people together with a child, whereas authorities reported saving 43 sufferers who have been held in the fire. The fire exploded inside a plaza in Lakshmi chowk area spread rapidly to four adjacent structures. Recue and fire teams rushed towards the site from the incident and handled to manage the fireplace after several hrs of hectic effort, throughout which save teams handled to assist 43  persons escape the structures. Six persons together with a child were killed in the fire. The injured were moved to nearby hospitals for treatment where the health of four sufferers was reported as critical. Fire brigade and rescue teams arrived at the view of the blaze and began save operation. Fire martial artists and save teams using their company areas of the town were also contacted to create the fire in check.Rescue authorities stated the fire was triggered with a short-circuit. Thick black fire smoke arrived on the scene from the flaming structures and was seen wallowing up in to the sky.