Full cooperation to NAB in Tauqeer sadiq situation-Rehman Malik

Rehman-Malik-13-480x238Secretary of state for Interior on Thursday refuted the accusations of non-cooperation of Interior Minister, Rehman Malik with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) inside a portion of press regarding situation of Tauqeer Sadiq.he accusations about non-cooperation of Minister for Interior, seen through tickers on different Television channels, aren’t according to details. These allegation are totally groundless, motivated along with a false propaganda, stated the Spokesperson from the ministry. He stated minister for Interior had earlier purchased inquiry in to the running of former chairman, Gas and oil Regulating Authority (OGRA), Tauqeer Sadiq from Pakistan and director general, Federal Analysis Agency (FIA) was requested to submit a study in connection with this. According to official record, the minister had also purchased for putting his title on Exit Control List (ECL) on January 19, 2012 within 24 hrs of submission of file to him. He stated there’s no non-cooperation, whatsoever, through the minister for Interior using the NAB within this matter. The Spokesperson stated there is no influence by Senator Jehangir Badar or others around the minister. He stated the FIA inquiry says Tauqeer Sadiq didn’t leave Pakistan through approved routes. The FIA required the cognizance and attempted to follow him in Dubai where he was arrested with assistance of Dubai government authorities.