Funerals of the parachinar deaths today

PARACHINAR: the funerals of the people who died in Friday blast will be offered today (Saturday) in their ancestral areas. All the markets and business hubs of the area are closed in morning sources informed.

In Friday bomb blast about 30 people were killed and 54 were injured and subsequent firing of security forces on those who protested the happening at busy market in Parachinar city outside the mosque.

Fazal Saeed Haqqani Militant commander who recently resign Tehreek-e Taliban (TTP) headed by Hakimullah Mahsud and create his own group, TTO Islahi claimed responsibility of Parachinar blast.

He informed that Shia community was the target of the government as they were continuously taking side and baking the Government and armed forces in the ongoing military operation against them in the Kurram agency.