Global Economic Prospects January 2013-World Bank

The World Bank has noted that Pakistan’s economic growth would remain least expensive in the region because chances are it will remain at 3.8 percent in fiscal year 2012-2013 that could be lower in comparison to India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh in addition to Nepal. The Earth Bank report, “Global Economic Prospects on January 2013”, states Pakistan’s economic growth is thought at 3.8 percent, that’s under the government’s target of 4.2 percent, through the ongoing financial year. Meanwhile, economic growth and development of India, the region’s greatest economy, is forecasted at 5.4 %. Bangladesh’s growth is forecasted at 5.8 percent, Sri Lanka’s GDP growth is thought at 6.1 % and Nepal’s growth at 3.8 percent this season-2013. Afghanistan’s economy elevated robustly by about 11 percent. In line with the report, Pakistan’s GDP growth is forecasted to remain broadly stable at 3.8 percent inside the 2012-13 fiscal years after remaining 3.7 percent this season-12. Growth is forecasted to remain close to 4 % throughout 2014 and 2015, a somewhat sluggish pace compared to regional peers.