Government declined Qadri’s demands

download (1)The meeting, that was attended by Khurshid Shah and many other federal ministers, made the decision to reject the requirements submit through the TMQ chief and declared people as unconstitutional and illegal, Beginning News cited sources as saying.Qadri’s deadline towards voluntarily resign and dissolve all assemblies has expired. In early hours of Tuesday, the TMQ chief had addressed hundreds of 1000’s of protesters in Islamabad giving the federal government until 11am to resign and dissolve all assemblies. This president and prime minister …they are now ex-presidents and prime ministers. Their time is over. Dissolve the national and provincial assemblies by the morning. I am giving you until 11 am to step down or else the people will start making their own decisions, Qadri had said.“,” Qadri had stated.“ These millions of supporters have spoken. They have rejected your so-called mandate. You are no longer their representatives. “A large crowd of supporters, by a few estimations between 25,00 to 50,000, had put in to the federal capital in early stages Tuesday, brought by Qadri, a cleric who many accuse of attempting to sow political chaos in front of elections.Qadri, a Pakistani-Canadian who came back to Pakistan recently after many years in Toronto, accuses the federal government of corruption and mess, and requires sweeping reforms to become passed with a caretaker administration before elections.