Govt postponed the opening of Kalma Chowk

KalmaChowkflyovergetsgoahead_16593-349x238The very first indications of failure through the Punjab government have become apparent because they have introduced a delay within the opening of Kalma Chowk that was ready to spread out on January 25th. Authorities have mentioned that it’s difficult to accomplish the Kalma chowk since nearly no work continues to be completed to complete the underpass being built from Center indicate Barkat market. Sources state that the delay within the construction is because of limited manpower because the assets are now being diverted towards finishing the Metro Bus System (MBS).Among the most popular crossing points within the city, closure has cause several congested zones and visitors are being diverted in the area via model town. Authorities state that when the underpass continues to be completed, it will require an additional ten days for Kalma chowk to reopen.