Hashmi joined PTI

Press Conference in KHI

KARACHI: on Saturday PTI (Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf Chief) Imran Khan with his new PTI member Javed Hashmi former PML-N leader and PTI Mehmood Qurashi talked to a joint Press conference.

In this conference Javed Hashmi officially announced that he joined PTI.

After the announcement Javed Hashmi said that it was Khan’s strong determination to bring a revolution in Pakistan that pull me to join PTI.

Hashmi also said that Khan was his ideal cricketer and now Imran Khan is a political hero.

He also said to the reporters that Imran Khan and Hashmi shared the same idea of new Pakistan a country free of corruption and dishonesty, adding that Khan asked him to come into his party not for party position in fact only for the sake of Pakistan.

Khan make me realize that Pakistan is in need of me and that’s the reason I joined PTI to work with honest people for my country and safeguard it to make the dream of corruption free state into reality. He added

Hashmi also said that he has no conflicts with PML-N and Sharif brothers are his dear friends still.

After considering country’s situation in last one year he decided it is the right time to join PTI and serve Pakistan to bring a positive influential change in Pakistan.

While talking in a Press conference Imran Khan warmly welcomed Javed Hashmi in his party and expressed his joy over the joining.

Khan added he knew Javed Hashmi since the time he was sent to jail in dictator’s era because of his powerful principles. He also said that Hashmi fits under the umbrella of his principle that what influence him to come in PTI. After the hands of Shah Mehmood Querashi and Javed Hashmi PTI’s Tsunami hold momentum.

Hashmi joined PTI unconditionally no former dealing was made with him khan said.

We just come together to safe the nation’s interest and achieve the goal toprovide the nation with their rights he continued

Imran Khan also said that Javed Hashmi come with his powerful experience which will help the party to achieve our main aim and goals, sooner time will come when you will realize his decision to join PTI was right.

Hashmi also received warm welcome from Shah Mehmood Qurashi and he said that now it’s the time for revolution because people unite on a single platform and promise to fight for nation’s right and achieve goals which are beyond personal interest of any leader.

Hashmi’s steps in PTI recharged party enthusiasm to another level.