Hazara leaders set up a hunger strike

khalique-hazara-saleem-javed-670Hazara Democratic Party’s leader Abdul Khaliq Hazara continued hunger strike for 3 days on Saturday in protest from the killing of people from the community in Thursday’s explosive device blasts on Alamdar Road.100s of employees from the party generate a hunger strike camping while watching offices from the Balochistan police chief.Earlier, leaders and employees from the HDP marched on various streets and chanted slogans from the government and police.Addressing the protesters, Mr Khaliq Hazara criticised the provincial government, police, Frontier Corps and intelligence agencies for which he called their inaction against terrorists active in the blasts in that 100 everyone was killed and 165 injured. He stated about 900 people from the Hazara community have been killed and 1000’s injured in sectarian attacks in the city in the last 4 years.He stated the federal government and law-enforcement agencies were least thinking about nabbing the causes or curbing terrorism as not really a single killer have been arrested.The HDP leader stated the inaction for the federal government and police had urged terrorists to fight innocent people when needed.