Health facilities are now being strengthen-Dr.Sagheer Ahmed

0Sindh Minister for Health, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed has stated that with the aid of donor companions, steps are now being come to further strengthen the facilities through the Province. This he stated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony of Jacobabad Institute of Medical Sciences (JIMS) between Sindh Government and USAID here on Thursday. The MoU was signed by Secretary Health Aftab Ahmed Khatri and Deputy Mission Director USAID Leon Waskin. Dr. Sagheer further stated that USAID provides US Ten Dollars million for that project that is likely to be carried out 2 yrs time. Sindh government would offer Rs. 478 million for residential complex for physician, para-medical along with other staff, he stated adding that Sindh Government would also bear recurring price of a healthcare facility. Dr. Sagheer stated that the bill for JIMS would soon be tabled in Sindh Set up to supply legal cover towards the Institute. He lauded the services of USAID in provision of healthcare facilities towards the public from the province specifically the healthcare of moms and kids.