ICA appeal against COAS rejected-IHC

A petitioner, Col (retd) Inamur Rahim, filed the ICA to the court while praying the extension granted towards the COAS was illegal.A legal court requested the petitioner why he’d filed the writ in 2011 a year after the extension was granted in 2010.The petitioner stated he anxiously waited for a Supreme Court judgment that declared in the Haj corruption scandal the re-employment of the person after getting age superannuation is really a breach of Article 90 from the Metabolic rate. A legal court then observed he must have filed a quo-warrantor writ petition. This, the petitioner searched for a while to amend the petition however the court ignored it. Earlier, IHC Chief Justice (CJ) Justice Iqbal Hameedur Rehman on Sept 24 ignored the petition under section 3 of Article 199 from the constitution because it was stated the high courts couldn’t hear cases relating to the expertise of military personnel.