Iffat Omer-Divorce threat

iffatnew1Lahore: Famous Pakistani Mode and actress Iffat Umar also known as Iffat Rahim marriage existence at risk, media sources stated. Based on particulars, conflict between Iffat Umar and her husband is becoming worst. And it is expected that her husband can provide her divorce in approaching days.
Iffat Umar isn’t concentrating on take proper care of children and she or he is busy in her own media activities. Iffat’s husband is extremely about children and that he wants Iffat to stay home. Iffat husband remains outdoors country for this reason he’s be worried about children.

Iffat isn’t speaking about this problem with anybody and she or he declined advices of some relative. She stated that it is her private problem so nobody should talk onto it. It’s worth mentioning here that Iffat also forced her husband to purchase a boutique but that project couldn’t remain effective.