India to impose travel restrictions on Pakistani children travelling to India

501303-polioafp-1359701658-165-640x480In this regard, the Delhi government has written towards the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and Indian Northern Railways to permit its health department to setup a permanent system in the Ambedkar Stadium and Old Delhi railway station to screen the children moving between India and Pakistan. Indian government authorities think that children travelling from Pakistan to India can cause health risk to the population which is freed from polio during the last 2 years as Pakistan recorded 58 polio cases this year and around twelve in 2013 in the first month of 2013 although it has additionally moved the polio virus to Egypt. The new health alerts regarding children’s travel between Pakistan and India happen to be introduced towards the notice from the Pakistani Foreign Office with copies to health government authorities by the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi and searched for guidance in the government on Indian steps to prevent transfer of polio virus from Pakistan.