Indian Army chief withdrew lawsuit

NEW DELHI: on Friday India’s army chief take out the lawsuit in which he demanded a change in his date of birth which will let him to remain on the post one more year, ending the argument with Government.

General V.K Singh withdrew his request from the court sustaining the government’s stand that the army chief birth date in the record is 10 May 1950.

Singh claimed that he born on the same day a year after and that the transcription mistake occurred in the records.

Indian Government employees retire at the age of 62 according to the rules.

This dispute raised an embarrassing clash between 1.13 million strong military 4th largest in world and Government

Defence ministry peacefully welcomed the decision of Sigh to withdraw the lawsuit which created uncertainty in army.

Sitanshu Kar defence ministry spokesman said that we are happy with the decision and the issue is finally resolved and the controversy ended.

Previously, defence ministry rejected singh’s claim twice.