Jamshed Rizvi has vowed to make a real forum for engineers

0The recently chosen Leader of Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP)- Jamshed Rizvi has vowed to really make the Institution a genuine forum for that progress of engineers of Pakistan He was speaking to media after his election as Leader by which he guaranteed 1465 votes compared to over 1100 plastic box by his close rival.He stated that IEP today includes a total membership around 28,000 engineers of Pakistan whom it’ll represent inside a more efficient manner to have their immediate problems solved. Jamshed Rizvi, who held work of Chairman IEP, Karachi Chapter for three years, observed that non-engineers are now being preferred over engineers in a variety of ministries and departments and that he will launch difficult to obtain the engineers their due privileges.He stated that various departments that ought to be headed by engineers are now being headed by non-engineers and therefore such departments aren’t creating the needed results.He stated that qualified engineers aren’t being compensated the salary com mensuration their qualification and experience while non-engineers focusing on their seats appeared to be compensated highly.