Kandahar airport terminal attack

800px-Aerial_view_of_Kandahar_Airport_in_2005KARACHI – A Pakistan Worldwide Air carriers (PIA) aircraft steered clear of disaster as suspected Taliban assaulted Kandahar airport terminal in eastern Afghanistan, PIA representative stated.
ased on the representative, the airport terminal received attack with missiles while its PIA fight pk-199 was planning to consider removed from the Kandahar to Quetta mid-day.
The flight PK-199, with 42 people aboard, was prepared to depart for Quetta when eight to 10 rockets were fired from multiple sides in the airport, PIA representative stated inside a statement adding the aircraft, crew and people aboard continued to be safe within the attack.
The plane was grounded temporarily because the airfield was shut lower following a attack. However, authorities confirmed the area was subsequently removed for operation which the PIA flight departed securely. Meanwhile PIA authorities confirmed that people continued to be safe within the attack and also the PIA aircraft received no damage.