Latest Apple product is bieng used by employees

As Apple gets ready to release the much-awaited iPad 3 on March 7, it might throw another surprise and even release an updated iOS 6. According to a report in Ars Technica, call logs show that Apple employees have already started surfing the web using the latest iOS ”While digging through our logs in preparation for our monthly browser stat report, we found 346 (update: actually 365) visits from a device with a screen resolution of 2048×1536-the exact resolution rumored for the “retina” display in the next-generation iPad. Although a screen resolution by itself isn’t much to go on, a quick search around the Web indicates that there are very few devices in current use that have this same resolution”, reports Ars Technica. Currently, the public has access to iOS 5, and it is a widely known that Apple is preparing to release iOS 5.1, but it is the existence of iOS 6 which has come as an unexpected news for everyone in the tech world. The update has already created frenzy on Twitter, with people going ecstatic about what could be Apple’s latest offering but while expectations are on the rise, it is yet to be seen whether Apple will release the iOS 6 along with the ipad 3.