Local Election Begins in Syria despite continuing Bloody Violence

Election starts in Syria today in the air of terror. The authorities said the vote would be freer than in previous years. Opposition has already boycotted the elections.

Turnout is expected to be minor because people of Syria will not take risk going to polling booths in the fear of violence that is going on for last nine months in the country.

Brutal violence and bloodshed are reported in several cities of Syria on Sunday. Syria has denied to international election monitors as well. The battle is going on in different parts of the country. Recent clashes are reported in northern Idlib province and southern town of Busra al-Harir between Syrian troops and army defectors that caused deaths as well.

Eleven people were shot dead in the cities of Homa and Hama on Sunday. Reporters also adds that Syria’s third largest city, Homs is presenting the view of a war hit area, with gun- battles occurring everyday between heavily armed security forces and lightly armed protesters.

In nine-month uprising between Syrian troops and army defectors, 4,000 people were crushed to death, including 307 children, according to the UN report.

The Syrian government claims it is fighting militant groups.

Arab ministers are due to meet on Saturday to discuss a response to Syria’s acceptance of an Arab peace plan aimed at ending crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.