Long March-14th January 2013

LAHORE – In a obvious reference to Dr Tahirul Qadri’s long march, former premier Muhammad Nawaz Sharif stated on Wednesday his party, the PML-N, would foil the conspiracy being hatched to obtain the next elections postponed underneath the garb of electoral reforms and accountability.Continuity of democracy may be the right of those and also the PML-N wouldn’t let anybody snatch it underneath the garb of accountability or reforms,Nawaz asserted because he known as for fast announcement from the elections schedule to be able to overcome the current uncertainty. Nawaz, however, stated the employees of Minhajul Quran ought to be given free hands for that long march.Talking with his party people throughout a conference held to examine the general political situation and purpose behind Qadri’s   14th January  long march, the previous premier stated the country have been preparing for any peaceful and democratic change in the united states as well as in this, people who desired to damage the machine through undemocratic means can not be friends or well-wishers of the nation. He stated that very first time in 65 years of the nation, the country would re-elect its representatives with the ballot and to achieve the government of their choice. It is very apparent towards the nation what elements were backing people who have been going after the agenda of adventurism and that exactly the same people have been the best hands from the dictators previously.” The PML-N chief maintained that in the present situation, the nation couldn’t afford any uncertainty concerning the elections or other things and people who was simply attempting to derail democracy weren’t only undemocratic themselves but were also encouraging dictatorship.