Long march-matter of ego-Sharjeel memon

490252-SharjeelInamMemon-1357537546-640-640x480Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Central Deputy Secretary Information and Provincial Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon on Saturday stated Tahirul Qadri must only get involved with such business by which he’s experience, as managing a religious school and controlling the matters of the condition are a couple of various things. The provincial minister advised Dr Qadri to shun the thought of long march and rather have the sensitivity from the situation. Nobody could be permitted to accept nation hostage within the disguise of demands. He stated to make use of satirical words from the people of parliament would be a condemnable act. It had been also an insult towards the public to abuse democracy and also to refer to it as fake or grown democracy. The provincial information minister stated Dr Qadri did such as the democracy of Musharaf. Terrorism and cargo losing were the gifts of Musharaf that the nation had recognized like a challenge and were facing the issues with courage.