Malala has been discharged from hospital after 3 Months

malala-x-largeBIRMINGHAM: Malala yusuf zai has been discharged from hospital after the long period of time. She was admitted in Birmingham (Queen Elizebeth hospital) in the month of October. She will be now cared at home as an outpatient of hospital. But she will come back on the end of January or early in February to the hospital for her surgery.

Malala is a strong and young and hard working girl and compromised with doctors whom were caring in hospital. Malala was attacked when she was coming back from school to her home. She was attacked by Taliban just for raising hand for the education of girls. In this attack 2 girls were injured. First aid was given in combined military Hospital. After that, she was transferred to Rawalpindi in (AFIC) department. For more treatment she was sent to UK (QEH).According to senior doctors Malala is recovering now. She will be better soon.