Malik Rehman alleges TMQ of firing

Rehman-Malik-480x238Interior Minister Rehman Malik stated that Tahirul Qadri wouldn’t be permitted access in to the red zone, adding that TMQ have been permitted to setup a stage at Express Chowk in Islamabad.

The red zone houses the Parliament House, Top Court, Prime minister’s residence and secretariat together with diplomatic missions. The minister stated the participants from the lengthy march could be aided by the federal government agencies until they continue to be peaceful. He stated that “we have no problem if they stay for two days or ten days and we would remain peaceful as long as participants remain peaceful.”Taking notice of aerial firing near D-8 chowk and Kulsoom Plaza‚ Malik searched for report from Islamabad Chief Commissioner. Malik alleged that participants from the march had turned to aerial firing hurt two cops. He become a huge hit towards the participants to deposit the ammunition using the federal agencies and wished that Dr Qadri would cooperate ensures a peaceful demonstration.