man burn to death in greed of money

MULTAN: in the outer edges of Multan a man was supposedly burnt to death. In the mean time police has arrested four eye witnesses from the area.

According to report, Zahoor Pathan, a contractor of oranges farm inhabitant of Qadir Puran was burnt to death. Relatives of the victim said that he was living in a hut along with his acquaintances Tahir Baloch and Ghulam Shabir.

Member of his family claimed that Zahoor’s acquaintances in the greed of money set fire on his hut, consequently the victim died on the spot.

In the mean time, Ghlam Shabir said that he was on the other side of the farm. He also said that he listened to the fire sound but did go to the hut because of fear.

Police took in custody Tahir Baloch, his brother Janib Baloch and father Zafar Balocha and Ghulam Shabbir.