Man’s killing protest in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: Police operation raged by protesters in Faisalabad against a wanted robber to Sargodha police and hinding near Faisalabad. During the operation accused was killed by cross fire between two parties. Family members started protest, blaming police for deliberate killing of accused. The protesters snatched arms from police and set ablaze a police check post while protesting against the incident. SSP Operations Sadiq Dogar told that Sargodha police were conducting an operation to arrest a wanted criminal. During operation, they tried to enter a house and a man was killed while retaliating. After the incident, police fled from the scene. Family members of the victim are now protesting against the killing and put the dead body at Jarranwala Road. Police tried to disperse the crowd that ignited clashes between the protesters and police