Memo commission to meet Mansoor Ijaz today

Justice Qazi Faiz Issa will preside over the meeting in which Mansoor Ijaz, the central figure in memo scandal, will appear before the commission from London via video link. Husain Haqqani’s counsel Zahid Bukhari will cross examin Mansoor Ijaz in today’s proceedings. Sajid Tanoli, Haqqani’s assistant counsel in the case, said that Masoor Ijaz allegation regarding receiving threats is in fact his attept to escape the cross examination. He was of the view that his alligations will be proved wrong. Talking to, Sajid Tanoli said that Mansoor Ijaz wanted to destabilize the country. He said that the copies of his articles about Pakistan Army, ISI and Pakistan’s nuclear programmes have been submitted in before the commission. Earlier, Hussain Haqqani said in his memo case reply that he had forgotten his Blackberry phones pin codes.  According to the copy of his reply, the former ambassador to the United States also claimed that his both Blackberry phones had been stolen. Haqqani said in the reply submitted to the Memo Commission that he had only one contact with Mansoor Ijaz from May to November 2011, but had no exchange of emails. The former envoy said that he has forgotten the pin codes of both of his Blackberry phones.