Muslim Ummah should be get united -Zardari

pakistan-president-asif-ali-zardariPresident Asif Ali Zardari has called upon the Muslim Ummah to be united Considering the teachings from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) because these offer means to fix our individual and collective problems. He was addressing the concluding session from the 38th Seerat-un-Nabi Conference about “Concept and Significance from the Collective Justice considering Teachings from the Holy Prophet (PBUH)” in Islamabad. The Leader stated the Muslim world is presented with all of necessary assets to develop and succeed including talent‚ capabilities‚ population and wealth also it only needs oneness to harness these for that good of the baby nations and also the Ummah. He stated Pakistan today can also be facing numerous challenges including sectarianism‚ strife and prejudices but we are able to effectively meet them when we do something about the teaching in our Prophet (PBUH).The Leader known to conquest of Makkah and stated the Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave us the idea of reconciliation by forgiving all individuals who did wrong with him and Muslims. He stated exactly the same philosophy of reconciliation is ongoing till today. The President stated that the requirement for peace‚ love and harmony‚ tolerance and understanding never was as great as today. He stated our Prophet trained us to battle against tyranny‚ injustice and oppression.