NAB chairman is convicted

chairman-NAB-Fasih-BukhriSenior lawyer and former Deputy District attorney General NAB Raja Amir Abbas, who’s well experienced in laws and regulations controlling NAB, while speaking to the News channel, stated when the NAB chairman is convicted in the contempt of court case, he’ll no longer remain chairman after the pronouncement from the conviction.He maintained that no process needs to be adopted to get rid of the NAB chairman from his office if he’s convicted because just in case of civil servants, a police officer manages to lose his job during the time of conviction. Concerning the situation developing from the possible disqualification from the NAB chairman, the previous NAB deputy prosecution general stated the Supreme Court has laid lower in the judgment the deputy chairman can’t be hired as NAB acting chairman when the office of chairman is vacant. Political experts stated this deliberate attempt through the NAB chairman to commit contempt, formally write the letter towards the leader accusing the top judiciary, leak it towards the media after which formally present it within the SC, means NAB and also the government have colluded to help make the institution of NAB dysfunctional to ensure that every case pending might be postponed indefinitely. During the hearing, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja observed that NAB was protecting criminals by not initiating legal action against them regardless of the court’s orders. Importantly, the NAB chairman seems to become interested in cases including property than every other problem. Within the Arsalan Iftikhar-Malik Riaz corruption allegation case, the Supreme Court in the judgement authored the NAB chairman behaved to be subservient towards the attorney general.