NAB Fasih Bokhari has resigned

untitledApparently perturbed within the Supreme Court’s severe remarks on NAB’s partiality and ineffectiveness regarding installments of mega corruption it presently looks into, Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bokhari has ‘warned’ of walking lower alleging the Bureau was not able to handle its analysis process under the ‘undue’ pressure exerted onto it through the Supreme Court. The Chairman NAB in a letter written to Leader Asif Ali Zardari has leveled serious charges well over-walking the jurisdiction in addition to forces and pre-poll rigging around the country’s apex court using the remarks when these problems weren’t addressed expeditiously, he’d have to resign. The Chairman has demonstrated his apprehension that there is a danger that NAB personnel can lose their independence and were not able to handle their research within an independent manner because of pressure being exerted in it through the SC to proceed along lines, which appeared to become preferred through the SC.