(NAB) has handed over Kamran Faisal’s employment record to police investigation

untitledNational Accountability Bureau (NAB) has handed over  Kamran Faisal’s employment record to police analysis team sources stated, daaira news reported.NAB has cancelled weekly holidays of their authorities to be able to prepare set of Kamran Faisal’s mysterious death.The bureau’s spokesperson stated focus on Rental Energy and OGRA cases aside from the Kamran Faisal death case is continuing at work despite Sunday. Sources stated Sajid, roommate of Kamran in federal lodges, would be also incorporated in analysis. Sajid went on leave a couple of days prior to the dying of Kamran Faisal.Based on a PTA spokesperson; the authority posted the information around the behest of top court’s registrar. The information includes the particulars of all of the incoming in addition to outgoing calls (call log), all of the texts sent/received through Short Texting Service (SMS), etc.