Nawaz sharif rejected the long march demand

Nawazrejecteddemandforlongmarch_7080-349x238Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif lately didn’t adhere to the recommendation by his party employees for staging a long march to Islamabad just in case the federal government unsuccessful to apply the reforms agenda within 45 days.

Relaxing with a fire in a leisure park in Cholistan together with his buddies, Nawaz was advised by PML-N employees to stage a long march towards the capital. A resource within the PML-N who supported Nawaz throughout his trip stated the party chief had asked on the hundred party employees in the Whispering Hill to find their input around the current political situation in the country. Nawaz told the employees that the long march wasn’t an option stated the source, adding that Nawaz continued to be quiet after telling his party men he had come simply to hear the workers’ sentiments.