New province in Punjab-Bahawalpur Janobi Punjab

1-26-2013_85381_lIslamabad-A Parliamentary Commission on New Provinces in Pakistan has made the decision that new province in (South) Punjab is going to be named as ‘Bahawalpur Janobi (south) Punjab’( BJP), report stated on Saturday.The report stated the commission’s report continues to be completed and it’ll be presented within the National Assembly’s session on Monday.The commission has made the decision that Mianwali and Bhakhar would be also incorporated in the new province.The commission also recommended that Multan can be capital of recent suggested province while Governor House can be established in Bahawalpur.Farhatullah Babar, the person in the commission, stated the nation will hear good news soon.Senator Farhatullah Babar, the Chairman from the commission presided within the meeting. The people hailing from Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) ongoing their boycott and did skip the meeting. Speaking to media following the meeting, Babar noted the constitutional bill concerning the establishment of new province, continues to be completed, adding this really is an optimistic progress and also the nation will hear a good news regarding this.