New Year boosts the traffic of short texting service(SMS)

GSIIIwithSMSTextNew Year boosts the traffic of short texting service (SMS) as much as 1.20 billion. Speaking to media, authorities of mobiles companies stated that more than billion SMS happen to be generating at night of 31st December of each and every year, and the number of swapping the SMS and MMS increases each year. Additionally they stated the clients who fit in with any network call people, SMS and MMS to greet their relatives and buddies on Year occasion.

The majority of the cell phone companies also suspended your regular packages due to high-traffic of SMS and Calls and produce a majority of it charges from customer about this Year occasion. The times when the mobile companies earn maximum revenue from customer is Eid-Ul-Fitar, Eid-Ul-Azha and Year but Government suspended the Mobile service on these occasions except Year.

Mobile companies and people have a long  breath following the announcement of Interior Minister Rehman Malik that network isn’t shut down on new Year.