Nisar declined to speak to Govt’s arbitrators

zrclip_001p18e20c68Nisar had declined to speak to the government’s arbitrators proclaiming that this kind of act would be tantamount to some breach from the 20th constitutional amendment, the origin added.He stated Nisar believed that because the opposition leader in National Set up, he couldn’t hold meeting with committee constituted to go over formation of caretaker government and forthcoming elections and that he would discuss the problem using the leader of the home only.The origin stated Nawaz Sharif had assigned Ishaq Dar with speaking towards the government’s four-member settling team composed of Syed Khursheed Shah, Mian Raza Rabbani, Farooq H Naik and Nazar Mohammad Gondal.Shahbaz had stated the us government desired to get political mileage in the Punjab government by asking it curb Dr Qadri’s long march.However, he added that Nawaz had also conveyed towards the PPP that any talks could be futile with no proper agenda.PML-N spokesperson Asim Khan strongly declined the idea associated with a internal rifts in the party, declaring that there is total unanimity within his party to solve all matters using the PPP through talks.