Non-availability of healthcare facilities

499929-babyhand-1359409178-384-640x480Prof. Dr. Anjum Habib Vohra stated it had been highly necessary to pay attention to mother and child health to build up a healthy society. He stated 1000’s of ladies and hundreds and maybe thousands newborn children were dying on annual basis because of the non-accessibility to health care facilities. He stated ladies and children were extremely important area of the society but were weak and needed special attention for his or her treatment. Principal PGMI stated the doctors also required to create awareness to manage and resolve issues throughout newborn’s upbringing. He stressed that doctors should motivate moms to breastfeed their newborn children since it would save them from many illnesses. He stressed working out workshop participants for everyone their hometowns after you have specialized education to ensure that women in rural and remote areas shouldn’t become prey to various deadly illnesses due to inexperienced dais and semi-literate dispensers.