None of them meet the criteria for the Skipper except Dhoni: Waseem

Melbourne: Our sub-continental culture of skipper bashing is harmful to the development of cricket. MSD remains India’s only boss.

 The whole hubbub about MS Dhoni’s captain-C is very inopportune. Captain-bashing is a favorite pastime of cricket experts in the Indian sub-continent and the media only loves it.

 In front of the T20s against Australia and the ODI series that follows, I suppose Dhoni is the best man to leadIndiaand will stay so in the instant future.

 I am not convinced about the reliability of these ‘sources’. In fresh times, BCCI’s preparation has reproduced badly onIndia’s abroad presentations. So, it would be unjust to create Dhoni a scapegoat.

There are 2 names ‘Sehwag and Virat Kohli’ doing the surrounding as becoming skippers. In my book, none of them meet the criteria for the job. Sehwag was extremely unimposing when he led the Indian team atAdelaideand Kohli is a kid who has just only started his career. He can wait for another 5 years.

 I had predictable good body language from Sehwag and his team throughout the Adelaide Test, but I was dissatisfied.India’s cold conduct has been a matter in both England and Australia. The need of communication has been blatant and that reflected on the field.

 The further India backs themselves, the better they will play. It’s a make new chapter and India should show the body language of a world champion. Expect Dhoni demonstrates the way with his young team.